Security Transports That Your Agency Can Trust

Whether due to time constraints, or the high value of the goods involved, standard Commercial motor vehicle surface transportation just are not enough for some shipments. BLI Transport has extensive experience dealing with these kinds of shipments, and we know exactly how to get them to their destination safely, securely and on time. We combine express trucking, Security escorts, and expedited logistics to move each shipment seamlessly from its starting point to its destination, making sure the journey meets your secured transport needs.

Secured Critical Freight- When Standard Shipments Will not Cut It
Secured Critical freight is cargo that has to reach a certain destination, but faces Security constraints ordinary shipments do not have. The most common constraints include:
• Time Critical Freight - Whether due to failed standard shipments, customer demands, or production problems, some orders have to cross hundreds or even thousands of miles in a matter of hours. Trucking often is not sufficient to get these orders to their destinations in time, and even scheduled air services may not be available soon enough.
• Highly Valuable Orders – Government Shipments that are especially valuable may call for quicker deliveries with more security, as well as detailed tracking.
In order to meet all of these constraints, a secured critical freight delivery company must have access to a wide selection of transportation methods. Be it trucking, Rail, or air freight. BLI Transport provides all of these services, allowing us to transport goods across any distance at a moment’s notice with a dedicated Physical Security team to secure that freight.
Agencies of all sizes need critical deliveries, which is why BLI Transport is determined to cater our services to any Government Agency or Organization that make goods to ship to Federal Agencies. We negotiate carefully with Government Agencies and Private companies. For ground transportation, we keep our vehicles in good condition and match their size to the volume of your order, minimizing the cost.
In order to accommodate all critical shipping needs, we provide:
• Constant communication with each agency, complete with tracking software that lets us tell you your order’s location at any time and we can set it up for your agency for real-time GPS tracking without transponders.
• We offer FirstNet Communications for direct radio communication to any State, Local or Federal agency that needs to stay in constant communication, and that needs to make sure communications are up and working during any man-made or natural disaster.
• An experienced Security team with a history of completing even the shortest deadlines and most complicated orders
• Seamless transitions between trucking and air freight to move your order along every leg of its journey
• Rapid, reliable service that lets you set achievable expectations for delivery


• Our security team is comprised of highly trained former law enforcement and military personnel

• Decades of combined experience providing security solutions for every need

• We are subject matter experts in security management, training, and anti-terrorism / Force Protection

• We are licensed, bonded and insured

• We give each client a hold harmless agreement against all Civil Liability

What Makes Blue Line Industries Different?

We understand that the one-size-fits-all approach used by many in the industry does not work when it comes to providing our clients with effective security solutions. Using their subject matter expertise in security management, anti-terrorism and force protection measures our team of former Law Enforcement and Military personnel have developed a fully customized approach to address each client’s specific needs, while addressing the real potential risks facing businesses and individuals today.

Security Core Competences

  • Federal Government Asset Protection
  • Personal, Executive and VIP Protection
  • Critical Ground Transportation
  • Logistics