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Typically, a country’s Government is responsible for providing Law Enforcement services to the Citizens of a country. However, it is simply not feasible for the Government to protect every individual and provide adequate Law Enforcement services at many public events. That is why many Governments turn to private contract security to supplement security protection. From our Federal Government to private businesses, security companies in the private sector play a critical role in protecting society. This makes it crucial to choose a trustworthy and qualified security company for your security needs.

To fill this need, Blue Line Industries developed BLI Contract Security. Our Public Safety / Physical Contract Security team provides contract security services with the expertise to deliver superior physical security solutions such as security consulting, armed security, vulnerability assessments and training.


• Our security team is comprised of highly trained former law enforcement and military personnel

• Decades of combined experience providing security solutions for every need

• We are subject matter experts in security management, training, and anti-terrorism / Force Protection

• We are licensed, bonded and insured

• We give each client a hold harmless agreement against all Civil Liability

What Makes Blue Line Industries Different?

We understand that the one-size-fits-all approach used by many in the industry does not work when it comes to providing our clients with effective security solutions. Using their subject matter expertise in security management, anti-terrorism and force protection measures our team of former Law Enforcement and Military personnel have developed a fully customized approach to address each client’s specific needs, while addressing the real potential risks facing businesses and individuals today.

Security Core Competences

  • Federal Government Asset Protection
  • Personal, Executive and VIP Protection
  • Office building protection
  • Major Event Protection

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• Residential Protection
• Apartment Complex Protection
• New Residential Construction
• Multi-Family Community Rehab Protection
• Auto Dealership Protection
• Executive/VIP Protection
• FEMA Disaster response
• Event Security protection
• Office building protection
• Uniformed Roving Patrols
• Campus/School protection
• High Value CMV protection
• Construction Site protection
• Government Asset Protection
• Anti-Piracy/Maritime protection
• Apartment Complex protection
• Distribution Centers / Store protection
• Industry and Manufacturing protection
• Homeless Epidemic Protection

We also give Private Investigation Services to all of our Security account holders.

Why does you’re your Business need security and why is premises liability so important to understand?

Premises liability claims are wide ranging – from slip-and-fall accidents to intentional shootings during a robbery. Recent cases have detailed a business owner’s liability for criminal acts conducted on their property, and the implications of the decisions are important for business owners to understand.

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