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About Blue Line Industries

Blue Lines Industries has always been and will continue to be a trusted and reputable partner to both our civilian and government clients. We are experienced and have a robust knowledge in everything that we offer and our end goal is to provide the very best to our clients.

Experience is one very important key for us and our set of values. Our history dates back to 2008 when we started and have since expanded and grown to be a perfect and most appropriate fit for both our civilian and government clients.


Government And Civilian Sales

As a defense contractor for Defense products needed by our governments for different mission purposes. We have been a leading procurement agency for civilians and governments for many years and our reputation speaks so much about how dependable and effective we are to spot the best products, test, conduct quality checks, offer at good prices and deliver to our clients. Our services are wide ranging and ensures all government agencies and our civilian clients are offered the best quality products, tools and equipment.

BLI Contract Security Division

Our contract security Division offers dependable and reliable security services for all government and business industries to protect Employee's, Customers and assets. We understand how challenging and difficult it is to find a security services that is trusted and reputable for your business and one that contributes to the success of the business.

BLI Investigation Services

We offer private investigation services for any legal issues and cases. As a reputable firm that thrives to help clients achieve their desires and goals through our investigative works that is flexible to include all needs and requests as allowed by law. We help track and build effective and dependable cases for any client to ascertain facts. We have an array of professional investigators that are best suited for any investigative jobs and request.