The Ugly Truth About Government Purchasing
November 28, 2018
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As a former police officer this is a very simple question to answer. The police are shorthanded, and cities and counties put alarm calls as a low priority when it comes to a dispatching a Police Officer or Sheriff Deputy to an alarm call. In a perfect world police Departments and Sheriff’s officers combined should have 2 officers per 1,000 residents but this is not the case, some departments have only enough officers to staff 1 officer per 5,000 to 8,000 people which is way under what we should be staffed at.

When I have clients I meet with after they have been broken into, I always hear the same old story, I have an alarm system, but I was still broken into, Why?? And I always answer them simply, did your alarm system provider offer a private security patrol response?

When they answer “No” I say, that’s your answer.

Why would you spend hundreds of dollars a year on something that is not going to work?

 I remember one time I was dispatched to a large beer store, it took the criminals at least an hour to cut thru the wall of the business. In all fairness the outside alarm speaker was cut so it did not go off, but the motion alarm did notify the alarm monitoring company.

Now some companies do not notify the police right away, here where I am located some alarm companies are charged $50.00 for false alarms so they are hesitant to notify the 911 center at first.

But on this particular case of the beer store our 911 center was notified immediately but that night we was short 2 officers, I was on higher priority calls in another beat and it did take us over 2 hours to arrive so that was no fault on the Alarm company except the fact they did not contract with a private patrol service to answer the alarm calls.

Another fun fact is most people do not realize is that a majority of Departments operate Department radios on an open frequency meaning with a simple cellular phone app or scanner people can listen to police officers’ dispatches. I had arrested many people who was committing crimes with a scanner app blasting on the phone listening to everything we were doing.

I tell clients who call us or when I go out to talk to prospective clients who say they have a Security Alarm Company that they are wasting money unless they have a private security response offered with their services.

My company did research last year on businesses who was broken into, 70% had alarm systems, out of those 70% who had alarm systems 6% of the criminal actors was caught in the progress of the crime without the crime being carried out.

So, with those numbers why would a company continue to waste money on Security systems, it is much cheaper to buy a $15.00 sticker off Ebay saying “Property being protected by security alarm”

Now let me touch base on the 30% of the clients I talk too who don’t have an Alarm Company but have CCTV either stand alone or thru WIFI. I had several businesses get broke into that had CCTV Camera’s.

Why would you have a camera no one monitors? While your sleeping or busy who is watching it? I had 7 calls one year that I can remember who had a set up such as this. What criminal actors did was turn off the power to the building which killed the systems.

I remember 1 owner who said he was out of town and didn’t want to call the police and get charged if there was nothing to the call.

So, when you look for an Alarm Company you should seek out one which offers Security Patrol Response so that you have a dedicated officer that shows up, checks the grounds of your business and who can respond immediately by the alarm company.

At BLI Contract Security Division we can incorporate Security Response to any Alarm Company monitoring. With our team of highly trained Armed Security officers we have a response time of under 5 minutes and you will no longer have to pay those municipality bills for false alarms at your business in southern Mississippi

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