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November 6, 2018
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Armed Security, Is it really a question?

As a former Police Officer, I have always believed that citizens of our great United States have a right to not only own firearms but to carry them for self-protection and the protection of fellow Citizens.  It is no secret in America we have a line in the sand that divide many Americans about my thoughts of this with thoughts of those who do not believe Americans should.

It does not matter if we ban firearms or not because criminals will always have access to them illegally and this is not an opinion this is a fact based on data collected from countries who have banned the ownership of firearms in other countries and who are now rethinking this position.

This morning I woke up to posts across all of my feeds in the Law Enforcement pages I am a member of on my social media channels of Thousand Oaks, CA of a mass shooting that left 12 people dead thus far including a Ventura County Sheriff Sgt and several more wounded.

This all unfolded at the Borderline bar @ around 11:20 p.m. where hundreds of people were located, a bar which I myself have been too in California on my many travels and this location has several security officers who except for the one in the parking lot is unarmed.

Let me stop here and just say that it does not matter what part of the country you are located in, what community you live in, or how safe your community is this exact thing can happen ANYWHERE. this can happen even in you’re most guarded of buildings or installations such as Fort Hood Military base. This venue was a soft target because the gunman like in Florida knew these victims would be in a setting they felt safe, where firearms would not be permitted and where security was not armed.

When an active shooter looks for a target or any other criminal they look for a venue where security is lapsed such as unarmed security, easy access in or out, and if police quickly blocked off that venue they would have no problem fitting into the masses of victims running to get out of that crime scene and where confusion of who the real criminal is will be obscured.

I remember in 2011 I was working overtime one night while with our Special Crimes Unit where I was also attached to our main SWAT team which served high profile warrants. While I was patrolling in an area we had a large party happening at shots rang out while I was sitting at a stop light. After calling in Shots Fired I eased on thru the light with no siren or no lights and parked where I got out my patrol rifle and made my way around the corner of the building and surprised the shooter and he bolted running.

That night thank god no one was hurt or killed but I remember thinking, what would have happened if I would not have been there and what would have happened if I would have waited on my back-up to arrive before we approached the scene.

So at this particular scene in CA, a witness stated that the gunman started throwing smoke grenades in the front of the restaurant area and the first person the shooter shot was a security guard then the bartender. The reason I am suspecting is that when an active shooter or any other criminal/terrorist picks a target the very first thing they do is take out anything or anyone they suspect will identify them later or try and stop them from committing as many mass casualties as possible be they armed or unarmed security or staff.

From all accounts of reading this article, the bar was holding “College Country Night” which they do every Thursday from 9p until 2a and it says they attract hundreds of students. So without hard clear evidence sitting in front of me, I will assume this was a well known Venue, this was a place at least students from 6 different large colleges attended every week and I will also assume the shooter knew this and knew the security was unarmed.

Now normally what I do is put my brain into the who, what, when, where, how and why mode so that I can get into damage control of this situation trying to figure out if this woulda, coulda and shoulda been avoided if I was working this as a consulting case because I can tell you now security would have been way tighter if this was my contract and 1 main thing is people would have been wanded and searched at the least for firearms and weapons.

So now I want to touch back on an earlier post I made of Armed Vs Unarmed security and discuss a little about this case. As I stated earlier I got the facts from articles on social media so it may all be true or some true and some false but at this time this is all I have to work with.

When you have a venue which attracts hundreds of people you must think outside of the box and here is where investigation skills come into play. With a venue this large I would have not taken no for an answer on telling them our security contractors will be armed and this right here is a perfect example.

I can guarantee you one thing and that is you’ll have attornies contacting every victim and every family of a victim and every person on every police report trying to talk them into suing today and why? because they are also investigators. they will have your companies finances already pulled, your client’s finances and they will either come after one or the both of you and this is why having an investigator or investigation firm on staff will save your business. Don’t think for 1 minute that an attorney does not already havan a expert witness on hand to refute everything you claim and don’t think just because you have insurance it will cover you. I have seen many insurance companies deny a claim because of the lack of security or failure of guards performing a job essential to that contract.

Just like you Insurance adjusters are there to protect the insurance company you hire for your insurance.

So could this have been avoided, hindsight is a mother of all, it may or it may not have been and any good attorney will go after your weaknesses such as did you search invitees, was your guards armed and trained for this type of scenario, did your insurance cover this type of venue, did your guards fail to provide services, did the venue tell you not to perform services, did you have guards not licensed, did you have guards not insured.

If you have a contract and the above was not asked by you or your accounts manager you may want to think of how to better your operations in the future because you can have 1 million accounts go right and no one will care but let something happen at 1 and you could lose everything you own.

But as far as armed Vs unarmed goes you better believe with a venue of that size everyone would have been armed not only because it is a soft target for criminals and terrorists but also because what good is hiring a security contractor if they can not first and foremost protect the lives of your staff, their co-workers and the invitees which attend your venue. Just like in Florida I doubt this club will bounce back fully nor will the security company which was in charge of the security there.






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